Dribbble Following Me – Chrome Extension v1.0

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Click here for a WORKING version by Alex P.
Download v1.0 Here
(Requires Google Chrome)

I thought Joshua's idea of "... is following you" was so clever that I spent a good part of my day working on this extension to do just what he outlined; that is, show a small icon when the dribbbler you're viewing is following you.

Making this was a great opportunity to practice some JavaScript and Chrome Extension building (a first for me!) It wouldn't be possible without the Dribbble API.

v1.0 Technical Notes:
- Currently works on 'shots' pages only. Not profiles yet.
- The 'follow' status is cached (12 hrs) so as to avoid hammering the API if, for example, you view several shots from the same user in a short period of time.
- The more people a user follows, the longer this takes to run, this is because dribbble's API only allows you to request 30 at a time.
- There's no options page or interface icon yet. You can disable/enable it from the chrome://extensions page.
- Original idea & Icon design credit goes to Joshua, thanks mate!

I'm open to any feedback or feature requests. Let me know!


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