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Call for Bands—Big Foot Rock Monkeys

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About this shot:
For Brazilian band Big Foot Rock Monkeys' new album, the title of which could be loosely translated into English as “God Bless Hanging Out”, the mix of big feet and a godly bless gave me this idea, that begged to be rendered as a digital painting.

About the project:
I once heard that Stefan Sagmeister used to dedicate one morning a week to design a fake album cover from start to finish, as a creative exercise to counter balance his often lengthy studio projects. Regardless of it being true or not, I figured it could be an interesting exercise in spontaneity.

So I was about to take some four hours each week to redesign the covers of my favorite albums, or something along those lines, when I figured, if I’m going through the trouble for free anyway, why not help out bands that might be in need of artwork and cannot afford it or do it themselves? After all, the world could certainly use some more support for independent art (plus one could argue that there are maybe enough personal design projects out there as it is).

Therefore, in the beginning of 2015 I put out a Call for Bands—that are broke and in need of artwork. For the first round there were six bands interested, of which five ended up being served. I decided that any band that qualified and accepted the terms would be in, regardless of their musical style. In fact, one of the most interesting things was to get out of my comfort zone not only in terms of visual style and project length, but also of musical taste.

I’d like to thank the band, for having been so enthusiastic throughout the process and ultimately deciding to use the artwork, and also digital painting monster Pedro Henrique Lambuja, for the invaluable tips of this fine craft.

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