Drip by Dcaf dApp Redesign

I’ve really enjoyed using Drib by Dcaf in the past couple of months, and I wanted to redesign the dApp for our recent livestream, Tea Time with 🍉 Unfold (if you missed the stream, check it out here).

The final result of the stream looked something like this 👇.

Finished Screen

I also took a pass and redesigning the token selection modal, although this wasn’t included as a part of the livestream.

Token Selection Modal

I didn’t want to only give the UI a refresh, but also I wanted to give the brand a bit of a facelift as well, so here’s a look at the Before/After styling updates 👇.

Before-After Styling

If you’re looking to get into designing web3 products...

...we’ve put together a freebie Web3 UI Kit you can download over this way.

Here’s a few pieces of that UI Kit that were relevant to this current project (Phantom wallet approval modals) 👀.

Web3 UI Kit elements


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