Ensage quirky logomark

Sneak peek of my company's rebrand and a new positioning from 2023 onwards.

This quirky and somewhat unorthodox logomark hints at my zen-like approach to work. I will no longer multi-task projects but curate them, tackling them one at a time, fully dedicating myself to producing the best possible work.

The creative services I will offer will be removed from any superficial deliverables. Instead, I‘ll sell only the essence of it, using my forthright signature approach, which I‘ll explain in the upcoming website.

Such positioning will help me battle the ever-changing business priorities and company pivots due to sudden market shifts. I hope this approach will ease the sales process before clients change their minds. 😁


Oh, the mark. Well… it portrays a Chin mudra—the most common gesture used in meditation to boost concentration. I use this symbol because it aligns with my approach to life and work, where I remove everything unnecessary, having a crystal clear vision in all spheres. And I‘ll make sure I transmit the same clarity during my sales and work process so that in a noisy world, clients can feel a therapeutic calmness while collaborating with me.

I only have one worry. Could this hand gesture have a negative connotation in certain cultures? 😬 I‘d like to hear your thoughts in a comment.

Helping Hands for Daring Brands

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