Ninja Turtles

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I loved every moment of this project.

During the time I designed for Struck, Nickelodeon asked us to create a style guide for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Franchise. Nickelodeon’s goal was to redesign the characters, fine-tune the storyline and revitalize the adolescent ninjas for a modern audience.

Specifically, the new Turtles needed to feel urban, Asian inspired, skater-punk and appeal to children and teenagers.

Altogether, the project took almost two years! The final product was a massive book containing hundreds of illustrations, logos, icons, textures, backgrounds and product applications.

To this day, I love visiting Walmart and seeing a king size bed sheet covered by the same illustrated sewage monsters I helped design (I’m still looking for an excuse to buy the children’s Splinter portable potty—maybe one day).

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