Hey folks! 👋

I would like to show you the project that Vision Trust has been working on for the last month. So it's time to present the effects of our work. Today I would like to show you a little sneak peek of this project. 🙌

About CopyCase

This is a website where you can safely store your files. The platform works on the basis of the drive you are using. The disk, on the other hand, works like a cloud. ☁

One of the most important features of CopyCase is the security🔒 it offers to its users:

👤 End-to-end encryption, a communication system in which only communicating persons can read open messages. 

🗄️ Zero-knowledge system, is one of the safest ways to protect your data.

🛡 Military-grade security, the highest level of security, thanks to which your files, documents or photos are really safe.

About the project

We wanted the design to be simple and understandable. The color palette refers to the type of platform, making the use itself more intuitive.

A clear menu, a simple headline and a delicate animation in this project are all with the user in mind. 👨‍💻 I have added subtle touches that enrich the minimalist style. The animated elements that you see in the project refer to the flow of files, data flow - safe migration and the place where they are located. 💫

The style of this design harmonizes with the CopyCase functionality, and the ascetic tone contains the most essential information, thanks to which the user has the ease of using CopyCase. 

Let me know how do you like the hero of this project? 🤔

Thanks for your attention!

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Soon more! 🙌

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