Branding for the future on the Metaverse

Branding as modern as the metaverse

One of our most recent projects was a branding process for Arret, a mirror of planet Earth on the metaverse that allows users to build a better world as a community and solve real-world problems along the way. It was really exciting to work with Santi Siri, founder of Democracy Earth and UBI (Universal Basic Income) DAO.

By coupling clean, minimalistic compositions with futuristic 3D illustrations, we were able to create a feeling of sophistication and innovation that attracts tech-savvy users to join.

Graphic assets

An essential element of Arret’s branding is the set of illustrations featuring thin line-based shapes and warped mesh. These illustrations represent worlds and dimensions mirroring, merging, expanding, and opening.

Applications and compositions

Branding processes are most successful when they take into account how the identity will be applied in real-world applications and on the web. This helps clients envision how their brand will be received by the general public and streamlines the transition to UI design.

Our explorations sought to imagine how Arret’s identity would look in a future website or pasted on the wall of the subway.

Do you think we captured the futuristic aesthetic of the metaverse? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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