Configure & print high quality photos

Swap photos easily with an Xpozer

With an Xpozer, you can order multiple prints and switch them easily, so you have a different photo on the wall each time. Long focused on prosumers, Xpozer wanted to enter the consumer market. This required building a more user-friendly configurator. Within two months we launched the first version of their new web application.

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Mobile first

Most customers have their photos on their phones. It was really important to make ordering a print as easy as possible. The configurator was built from the ground up for mobile. By using a single page application in React, we were able to make the configurator amazingly fast. No loading times between steps or checkout so it even feels like a mobile app.

With a tight deadline, we managed to launch the first version of their consumer configurator within two months. The web app is ready to be tested for product market fit.

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