SVG to SwiftUI Converter Logo Design

This is the logo design I did for the SVG to SwiftUI converter tool I made.

The logo comprises of the first letters of the two things we're converting between. Coincidentally, both are letters "S".

Next, we need to think of what the tool is doing. Arrows quite often represent the conversion process, this is what we chose here. The arrow on the first "S" represents the conversion from SVG, and the arrow on the second one represents the implementation into your code. Arrows in our design are not parallel, they look at the same target, which should ideally be your product!

Finally, the colors. The colors come quite naturally here. Get the yellow from the SVG logo, and the orange from the Swift language logo and we're done!

Tell me what you think about this approach! Or maybe you have some questions? Anything goes!

Posted on Oct 31, 2022