Flexparency branding: Logo

A modern, transparent brand identity for online service platform Flexparency

Flexparency is an online service platform that matches professionals to new jobs and projects. Where other platforms often focus on the companies providing the projects, Flexparency focusses on the professionals. Finding the right match for you in over 160.000 unique opportunities every year can be quite a challenge – one Flexparency simplifies by using the professional’s skills and preferences as a filter. To launch the brand in 2022 we worked on a brand-new brand identity that would appeal to Flexparency’s professionals and fit into the variety of branches they’re operating in.

The logo

For the logo we wanted a modern approach: a wordmark with an integrated icon which can also be used on its own. The icon symbolizes how Flexparency unites supply and demand on their platform, and how they will always put the professional’s wishes first. 

Jantine Zandbergen
Hi! I’m a designer & illustrator from the Netherlands 👋

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