Deutschland 🎸🔥

Task 💿

To create a unique visual style and functionality dedicated to the release of the single of the German band Rammstein.

It is important to fit new content and functionality into the current site without changing the overall visual style and user experience.

Solution 🖼🔊

All visuals generated by a neural network. New user experience - the functionality of choosing and customizing a unique cover, buying and collecting it in the form of NFTs.

Fans can also listen to new tracks right on the page via embedded player.

Unique Visual 👾

Each cover is a unique token that exists in a single copy and cannot be reassembled again. All tokens are generated using the Midjorney neural network. There are 1600 covers in total.

All background images are also generated using Midjorney algorithms.

Press L and choose your Deutschland 🔥

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