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Hello guys!

Christine here again,

pleasure to share what I've been up to before I left to hospital, it's a part of onboard process for fitness app I'm working on.

It's basically app that can work with various fitness trackers such as Jawbone™, FitBit™, NikeFuel, Misfit Shine, Samsung Gear and many others.

Part of the app is nice onboard step by step to pair your device and in that onboard, you also have a chance to select and buy a device, if you don't have any, all the call to actions was sorted on checkmark, because before you go in shop, you are asked if you willing to buy a device or already have one, and by the checkmarks you agree to buy one and already setting it in the app, so the app remembers you choose for example red one, and your profile in app will mention that selection :)

Hopefully, you'll like it,

I've been also selected as one influential designer by guys at 365awesomedesigners :)



Posted on Mar 10, 2015

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