Reddit visual exploration

Hey! Hope y'all doing great!

I am currently pretty busy with my work (like everybody), but here is a quick visual exploration of Reddit I did during my spare time. It is not thoughtful at all and I would have liked to iterate a bit more on this, and to integrate reddit mascot (Snoo) a lot more.

I wanted to explore a cleaner style with a limited CPL for a better readability. Also, I wanted to include subreddits and account managements in the same drawer. The number of results have been decreased on purpose to fit in the preview.
This is not material design. The counter, upvote and downvote should be inside the main container, and this version would probably decrease the engagement. I didn't wanted to, but then I thought it would be interesting to share it any way!

I love comments, feedbacks, discussions.

PS: I also included a small variations, check the attachements.

Have an pleasant day

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