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The process of choosing a school for your child can be a daunting one. With so many options available, it's important to separate the wheat from the chaff. Unfortunately, many schools rely on marketing gimmicks and empty promises to lure in unsuspecting parents. As a result, choosing a good school can seem impossible.

To help you cut through the clutter, I've compiled a list of myths about choosing a good school. By understanding these myths, you can avoid making costly mistakes.

The Best Schools are the ones with the best facilities

It's easy to assume that a Top Ranked School in Gurgaon will be the one with the best facilities. After all, who wouldn't want their child to attend a school with state-of-the-art classrooms and top-notch sports facilities?

While it's true that good facilities can be a sign of a good school, they're not the be-all and end-all. In fact, some of the best schools in India and around the world are located in rundown buildings. What matters more than the facilities is what goes on inside the classrooms.

The Best Schools are the ones with the best Teacher-Student Ratios

Anathor common misconception is that the best schools are the ones with the best teacher-student ratios. It's easy to see why this myth exists. After all, wouldn't your child receive more individualized attention in a smaller class?

The truth is that the teacher-student ratio isn't nearly as important as you might think. In fact, some of the best schools in Gurgaon don’t have the smallest class sizes. Size does matter but what matters more than the size of the class is the quality of the teaching.

The Best Schools are the ones with the Best Test Scores

It's no secret that schools use test scores to market themselves. Every year, schools trumpet their latest test results in an attempt to attract new students.

But here's the thing: test scores don't tell the whole story. A school with high test scores might look good on paper, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a good school. There are a lot of factors that go into test scores, and not all of them reflect the quality of the school. Schools market ‘toppers’ but the fact is there are only a few toppers and they don’t reflect the quality of education being provided for the larger student population in the school. Also, ‘topping’ does not mean success in the real world. Today’s world demands so many more qualities and attributes than just test scores.

The Best Schools are the ones with the Best Teachers

Another common myth is that the best schools are the ones with the best teachers. Again, this one seems plausible at first glance. After all, wouldn't your child receive a better education from a better teacher?

The answer, once again, is not necessarily. While it's true that good teachers can be found in good schools, there are plenty of great teachers working in less-than-stellar schools. What matters more than the quality of the teachers is the quality of the teaching. The teaching methods used and the training in these methods is as important, if not more than the quality of the teachers. 

The bottom line is this: don't be fooled by marketing gimmicks and empty promises. When it comes to choosing Top Gurgaon Schools, it's important to look beyond the superficial. By understanding the myths about choosing a good school, you can avoid making a costly mistake.

Choosing the best school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. But with so many schools to choose from, it can be tough to know where to start. Some other factors to consider are:


One important factor to consider is distance. While it may be convenient to choose a school that is close to your home, you may want to consider an extraordinary school that is a few miles away.


Are gleaming classrooms and buildings enough? During the past decade, there has been extraordinary research done on how traditional classrooms create a barrier to learning (Blueprint for tomorrow, Harvard University Press). These boxes in classrooms were necessary when schools were meant to educate the factory worker. Now with the new teaching methods, open classrooms are replacing those with walls, allowing students to work in groups and teams. 


Nowadays, however, schools are meant to educate the whole person, not just prepare them for a job. So it is important to consider how the school culture and environment will affect your child's learning. A happy culture will create a desire for a student to want to go to school. A friendly teacher will more easily motivate a student to learn. 

To be the best CBSE School in Gurgaon, it should believe that every child is unique and deserves a high quality of education that goes beyond just the hygiene factors that most schools like to market themselves on. 

Posted on Oct 11, 2022

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