This time I present you automation graph maker. It's a tool that gives you the ability to create automatic schemes. For example - when the user opens an email but doesn't click on the main button you can send another email after X days. That's how it works in theory.


In practice, these graphs could be extremely large and users need to understand how to edit simple elements (by clicking on them and editing settings in the right sidebar), and how to create connections and split them easily.

As previously, that's a redesign so in some cases I couldn't go too crazy about the design, but in the end, I believe it looks quite well and users should like the new design a bit more than the previous one.

That's it. Stay tuned for more, soon.

BTW. I’m currently open to any freelance projects related to UI design, feel free to reach me out here on via email - let’s talk!

Mateusz Dembek
UI/Web Designer. Available for freelance projects.

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