P-51 Mustang - Creative landing page with 3D

North American P-51 Mustang

A historical tribute to the memory of one of the most iconic aircraft in the history of aviation.

Soon will be live, so stay tuned to check it personally.

Now, let's shed more light on this exciting project.

web design with realistic 3D

Project goals

One of the main goals of the project was through creativity to design a spectacular and minimalist website demonstrating our capabilities to work with 3D, modelling, and animation.

Also, we wanted to reveal the full power of no-code development on the Webflow platform. Its capabilities are endless. 

The fighter does seem to be floating on the site due to the animated effects!

3D model in details and tools were used
high-fidelity 3D model of the plane

Typography and color scheme

The typography and color scheme of a website are discrete and minimalist. Nothing should distract the viewer from the main content: 3D-model, animations and storytelling.

We've used a monochrome color palette and Helvetica Now Display typeface.

fonts and colors of the project
responsive design of the website
landing page design with 3D
Creative branding & web design agency.

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