Jarvis - App with AI voice assistant for recruitment services

AI started dominating the market!

Use-cases are endless and there will be even more niches where the market will use AI as the main technology.

Like Jarvis a voice assistant application for HR and recruiters, it allows you to optimize your workflow and set up communication with candidates.

For this project, we've used a ProtoPie platform. A great tool for creating high-fidelity prototyping.

Let's take a closer look at the app👇

How does it work?

Using the voice assistant, the user enters the request he needs and quickly gets access to:

  • calendar with scheduled meetings/interviews;

  • general report on candidates with general statistics (the report can be filtered by the necessary parameters, candidates, critical skills, etc.);

  • chat with a particular candidate.

mobile application design
high-fidelity mobile application design in 3D mockups

Solved issues

1. We accelerated the process of processing and interacting with candidates through a voice assistant, which speeds up the search for the desired function/chat, etc.

We also made this feature pass-through throughout the application, which makes it easier to navigate.

2. We removed all unnecessary things and left only the main functionality, due to which the navigation in the application became intuitive.

3. Developed statistics that help track performance (for recruiter or HR), the number of applications processed, etc.

mobile application design for recruiters
high-fidelity mobile application design in 3D mockups


It is pretty crucial, especially for complex mobile applications to create prototypes.

Using prototypes helps startups never make wrong assumptions, convince stakeholders quickly, and save time & money.

We are ready to boost your project to the next level! 



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