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Before I move on to the project, I would like to mention a short announcement that I am extremely pleased with. The new week starts at Vision Trust, not only with new projects with our partners, but most of all we focus on our team and today we welcome another UX/UI Designer, i.e. @Hubert Pacer. Say hi! 👨‍🚀

But let's focus on the project. In the work of a Product Designer, I value, above all, the complexity of our projects, but a good springboard are also short, narrow projects, which we also create with our partners. They give a lot of space for creativity and often allow you to push much more custom solutions. 👨‍💻

One such project is the UX/UI website for the government marketing agency Symmetry.

A short creative project with a great end result. Just that. ✨

Btw, Yes our clients are not customers, but partners.

Thanks for your attention

Soon more, more and more! 🙌

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