After a few summer months and loads of espressos, I completed my newest icon collection—Spotless. 🙌

Spotless is an icon collection that feels custom yet applies to most brands. It‘s designed for businesses that understand the business value of unique iconography as part of their brand identity.

Each icon is designed upon a shared visual language, using a delicate balance between lines and fills. Their style combines a serious and casual tone, built for brands that want to represent themselves as stable and reliable but also be friendly and approachable.

・— ✦ —・

Browse the Figma preview file or go straight to the goodie.

・— ✦ —・

What makes Spotless icons unique?

🫶 Emphasis on quality rather than quantity, where every icon is distinct.

✌️ An artisanal balance between lines and fills, and a subtle hint of 3D.

👌 Designed upon a shared visual language.

👐 Features strong, and sometimes unconventional visual metaphors.

🤟 Evokes quirky and friendly, but also stable and reliable feelings.

🤞 Comes with a promise that you won‘t find it in any heavily discounted bundle.

A solid icon set is like a microcosm of your brand.


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