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Hi! Here goes our new design for a Money 💸 Transfer App.

Transfer money 💵 to other countries and convert 💱 it into the required currency.


  • On the Main screen, you can:

  • ✔️select a card and a relevant action;

  • ✔️select a recipient;

  • ✔️set the amount of money;

  • ✔️enter a transaction comment; and

  • ✔️get a transaction receipt 🧾

A variety of pleasant muted colors allows you to navigate 🧭 across the currencies 💷💴💶 and actions. Besides, you can easily switch from the light theme to the dark one 👓 ↔️ 🕶️

Convert currencies during the transfer process, send money to your friends, and monitor your assets ✨👍✨👍

Press 💜 if you like our design and share feedback!

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Interface by Natalia Sappinnen

Motion by Nikita Galimyanov

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