Zoombie designathon concept

Last month I have attended the first Designathon and the whole idea of it and our project was to have some creative fun I guess. Hang among people we usually don't work with on daily basis, and to share some ideas we have, moreover to talk about design for one whole day with bunch of people. It was crazy fun experience and I'm looking forward for another one.

The theme was Zombie apocalypse and what we created was supposed to be some sort of social survival mobile app that would help people during the zombie apocalypse, and now when zombies are upon us and Zuckerberg is gone. "Zoombie" gone viral, among other things obviously, and we are the leading social network survival mobile app on the planet. Talking about making it big! Got funded moved to San Zombisco. Zombies still use Facebook, we know better.

Zoombie is everything you need in this World. We care for our users, deeply. Cheers to Zombies. Best thing that happened to us since stumbling upon the last Twinkie warehouse.

Cheers to Marija who worked with me on this fun project!

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Posted on Feb 28, 2015
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