Figma Thumbnails (Community Resource)

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The Doist design team refreshed their Figma thumbnails to a consistent style across all our products and libraries just recently. We added status tags and icons to indicate the platform and type of each project. The goal is to optimize our list of files for quick visual scanning. Now, we decided to share them with the community. Enjoy! โœŒ๏ธ

Link to Figma resource


28.09.2022 V1

Figma Thumbnails Template release:

  • Todoist, Twist, Doist and Figma branded thumbnail variants

  • Todoist, Twist, Doist and Figma logos

  • 8 platform/type icons

  • 6 status tags

  • Thumbnail design examples

  • Thumbnail anatomy

Made by the Doist design team.

Designing a better way to work & live with Todoist & Twist

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