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About the client

TermGrid is a SaaS platform that helps borrowers, lenders, and advisors manage the debt financing process end-to-end.

They are creating a whole new category of debt management and trying to automate existing traditional categories and make their use a pleasant experience.

TermGrid wanted a consistent and memorable brand with a visual language that would resonate with their customers and serve their marketing team for years.

The website 

Termgrid's clients - over 5,000 capital markets professionals and more than 400 global financial institutions - process some of the most sophisticated transactions through its platform, so the website needs to signal stability, security and trust. At the same time, it needed to offer something new, memorable and unique that would set TermGrid apart from its competitors.

From the perspective of UI, knowing the product inside and out was paramount to visually representing its features. This search required thorough research and constant contact with the client, resulting in more than 25 product visualizations for the three user groups.

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