MakeReign — Visual Identity

You can dig deeper into a more detailed case study of the Visual Identity and Brand Guidelines for MakeReign on our Behance profile.

A brand style guide or brand guideline is a powerful tool that can quickly turn an ordinary brand into an exceptional one. Brand guidelines are a collection of rules that precisely state how to use predefined visual and verbal elements of your brand to achieve a desired look and feel.

The three main benefits that guidelines can bring to your brand are: consistency, recognition, and teamwork.When you use your brand guidelines for a long time, and when you stick to them closely, your brand will become uniform across all aspects and the public will start recognizing your brand in an instant.

Every public instance of your brand will contribute to the overall awareness of it and having a defined set of rules for the visual and verbal communication of your brand will enable your entire team to be on the same page. A streamlined workflow makes your team more efficient and your end product more cohesive. 


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Posted on Sep 26, 2022
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