Kreativa Studio Website 2022

🚀 is live!

After 8 long years since the last redesign, we are happy to say that our new website has finally launched. We've never thought it would take so long to get to this point, but there is a reason why the right time is right now.

Moving into our new office last year felt like a fresh start. After working in the industry for 14 years, we wanted to build a website that shows how much we've grown and how drastically our processes have changed.

Internally, we knew who we are, and clients we collaborated with got to know it through projects we had built for them — but nobody else knew it. We have never communicated it. You couldn't see or feel it on our social profiles or our old website. And we wanted to change that because we feel we're a unique, dedicated, and honest group that cares about the projects we work on, and the people we work with.

We're a family, and our website is a testament to that — with all its subtle details and hidden gems.

Shaping products, designs, and brands that resonate.

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