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Do you like different events like conferences and summits? We like them a lot! Because these events are not just about knowledge and insights, but also about networking opportunities.

We came with an idea of brand identity project of the conference for the coding community.

Let's start with logo creation.

Logo design with naming of the background with simple pattern

Logo concept

The logo symbolizes communication and the result of it while showing the essence of the event while hiding part of the element.

Ideation concept of the logo
Logo design on different backgrounds

Color palette, typography & patterns

The chosen colors are light and spacious, and the concept of monochrome was chosen to emphasize the seriousness of the initiative.

Questrial font is a great choice for a tech topic of the conference as well.

The logo also plays its role as the main element of branding, on its basis patterns, pads, etc. are built.

Color palette combination and typography
patterns design

Merchandise & other collaterals examples

All big conferences have their merch and we can't resist showing how they can look for this project as well.

bag merch design

Keep in mind that a brand identity reveals its full potential in the combination of its elements.

A logo alone will not fulfill the function that the brand is counting on.

We are ready to boost your project to the next level! 



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