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Hi! Here goes a fresh design for an Auction ✨✨✨

A seller places a product for sale and sets a minimal price 💵 After that, everything depends on the shoppers. They make bids 🙋‍♀️ If the seller likes your price, you make a deal 🤝 On the site, you can play with an arrow ⬆️ that shows your chances to buy the lot.

The project includes Home and Mellow screens.

🌟The home screen displays 👀the products, their description, the menu, and the CTA. The products are divided into categories.

🌟The Mellow screen demonstrates 👁️👁️ a product’s auction card.

You can see the image, the description, the recent bids, and the button 🔳 to make a bid of your own.

The palette comprises light colors with turquoise and blue accents. Such a color combination gives a sense of something new and unusual, just like the future purchases 🛍️

It is an auction that allows sellers to place products for sale and set their minimal prices 💲 The rest of the process depends on the shoppers. They bid. If a seller likes a shopper’s price, they make a deal 👍👍👍

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Interface by Dinara Malysheva

Motion by Alexandr Logunov

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