DT Internal App Prototype

Hi everyone, I'm happy to be sharing my debut shot with you! I've been continuing the awesome work that @Cody Iddings, @Dustin LaMont, and @Jimmy Ebeling started with the DT internal "Grin" app. The app's purpose is to make work feel more fun by enabling co-workers to call-out each other's achievements, thereby fostering a positive and encouraging work environment. I've been focusing on the app's interactions, with the goal of making everything feel as smooth and seamless as possible. I'm fairly new to mobile interaction design, so any advice and critique would be much appreciated.

Thanks to @Pixate for making such an awesome interaction design tool - you've made it super easy to just dive right in and start designing mobile interactions. Also, thanks to @Jimmy Ebeling for the invite!

If you'd like to see a higher res version of the animation, check out the video: http://bit.ly/1D6rx3l.

Posted on Feb 24, 2015

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