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Hey! What’s up? Are you ready for a new design? This time, we will show you a fresh Job Search Service 🔍

Are you searching for a job? Or an employee? Then, this site is for you. Just create a CV 📄 and apply for the vacancies you like💙

On the shot, you can see the stages of making your CV and applying for the vacancy.

Below, there are the most popular 👍 search categories. Each category has a card that contains the number of related vacancies.

Click the Get Started (ابدأ) button to go back to the CV making stage at which you have stopped ✔️

This service contains three more cards with the information about the available vacancies, the proven companies, and the number of job-seekers 📈

White and lilac symbolize tranquility and purity, whereas colored cards make the interface more vivid ✨ and prove that job search is an easy and engaging process.

The site helps you create a successful and detailed CV to get plenty of responses from employees 😀

Press 💜 if you like our design and share feedback!

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Interface by Maria Butina

Motion by Alexandr Logunov

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