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We have designed WO, the best MLM app for Networkers from the branding through awesome workshops to the app creation and marketing. Here’s how it was 🔥

Words, emotions and values.

To create a powerful identity and before exploring an infinity of ideas, we need to capture the values of the brand, as well as the emotions we want to transmit. This way we know from the beginning that we are going in the right direction, and we'll keep these words in mind while exploring later.

Chinese portraits.

A nice way to go further is to make Chinese portraits. The concept is simple: we ask ourselves "what if the brand was something else?" For example, "if WO were an animal, what would it be?"

It's a funny way to put the brand's values into images. Somewhat absurd answers can lead to very interesting concepts!

Logo explorations.

With all this in mind, we explored a lot of ideas. Many of the proposals came directly from the Chinese portrait workshop. We pushed the most credible logos, but we were still not totally satisfied with the result.

Final logo.

The chosen logo brings together all the values we were trying to convey.

By playing around the two letters of such a characteristic name, we get several interesting ideas in this logo: to go forward, to complete your list of tasks, to become a leader of a team, to complete your personal goals. Above all, thanks to its dynamic diagonals aiming to the top right, the WO logo invites to surpass yourself.


The colors must reflect the emotions of the networker by exploring his hot or cold prospects. Above all, they must reflect success, putting the user in the right frame of mind to excel. The graphic palette should be warm, reassuring and dynamic.


Objektiv Mk 2 is a clean sans serif typeface. Its human appeal and geometric feel correspond to the values we want to convey in WO: warm, legible and straight to the point.

App design.

Now that a graphic identity was established, we were able to create the entire mobile application. Starting with design workshops to find the best features, then wireframes, design, user testing and development.

3D work.

Now we could had some fun creating 3D animations to add "premium" feelings inside the application.

Losing a deal happens very often but should not demotivate the user. It was therefore important to reassure them when this happens, to make them understand that it is not serious and that it is part of the game. And of course he gets thunderous congratulations when a task is successful, to sacralize these moments and to arouse a lot of emotions.

(huge shoutout to @guillaumeberthonneau for his work here 🖤)

Landing page.

To be sure to capture a maximum audience, we also made a landing page consistent with the artistic direction set up so far. Check it out live here.

Social Networks.

Now that the application is on the stores, the declension of WO's identity also extends to social networks. We made all the posts for the launch of the app to keep a graphic consistency.

Thanks for watching this case study!

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