UI concept of online radio ⚪ light and ⚫ dark mode

Hey all fans of great 🎶 music!

In this shot i would like to share with you a UI concept for an online radio inspired by two of my favourite online radio stations. It will be really cool to get your thoughts about this one so go ahead and leave me a 💬 comment or two. Enjoy🤘

⚪ Light and ⚫ dark mode

To 🤌 tweak the accessibility, I also decided to prepare the concept in the dark mode version, thanks to which users get the ability to adjust the display of the application depending on the prevailing 🌦️ conditions ☀️ in which they will be located.


Thank you for your attention!

In case of any thoughts or constructive feedback just go ahead and 🏀 shoot. Obviously, don't forget to hit the like 🧡 We’re open for new projects so go ahead and drop us a line at hello@tsh.io



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