Finding the Theme of your Personal Brand

When I first arrived to Florida I went to a pelican sanctuary. It was captivating to see hundreds of these birds untouched by civilization. I used this as a theme for my brand elegant and hypnotic.


The CRJ Designs is a personal freelancing company that helps business and non profit to elevate their brand presence and marketing.


This company will need a resume to provide experience from past work and business cards to expand business.


I will create a logo, brand guidelines, and theme.

Thinking Progress

My first thought was to gather examples and references that was similar to my brand. I wanted to make the logo personal and find companies that I could combine and make a theme.

Secondly, I wanted to understand the target audience.

  • Gen Z/ Millennials

  • Authors

  • Music Artist

  • Hispanic Demographic

  • Small Business

Third, I created my business card with elegant and hypnotic as my theme.

Lastly, I sketched and illustrated my Logo. Created a mock-up of my resume format.


The Resume was inspired by UX UI Designers and focused on a minimalistic style.

The logo is a Pelican symbolizes Purity and the history behind this design was inspired by the Sanctuary for pelicans in the local city of New Port Richey, Florida. Elegant and hypnotic. Also represents the first initials of immediate family names.

The font choice is playful and san serif.

The business card created a landscape and color theory to show mixing of colors and abstract design.

Color Theory

The Lime Green ‚Äď ¬†nature, confidence, and high energy¬†.

The Dark Green ‚Äď The traditional color of¬†peace.

The yellow- Means hope and warmth from the sun of Florida.


Rules for Placement

The logo should be placed on the top left of the letter heads or at least 80%

seen for marketing advertisements.

Logo in the centered of Business Cards.

White Background use Dark Green Logo.

Darker Background use Lime Green Logo


Pattern Use

The Patterns I are abstract. Showing motion and a mix of organic and

geometrical shapes. I use these shapes to create a texture and repeat the

pattern to create landscapes or scenery.


As the founder of CRJ Designs Ray Meza the resume, business card, and branding guide has provided a foundation for the company. CRJ designs is happy with the results and looks to forward to provide high quality designs to  clients.

Posted on Sep 5, 2022

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