Zendesk Relate 2022 - Spatial Design

A new generation of Zendesk event

Relate is Zendesk yearly global user conference.

At Relate, we meet with and hear from our entire community—from partners to executives to developers and customer support agents. We announce new products and integrations, lay out our vision for the coming year, and offer an immersive experience that’s memorable, remarkable, and meaningful.

The old generation of Zendesk events were exclusively in-person large gatherings - we have now shifted to hybrid events, where the digital and physical worlds intersect and blend into each other.

The two main physical events of Relate 2022 were held both in San Francisco and London on the same day, simultaneously with a larger digital event with dozen of thousands attendees globally. An initial keynote, from the SF venue, was live streamed on the digital event platform and sequently pre-recorded elements were streamed for both IRL and digital audiences. Furthermore, extra conversations, talks and presentations were hold around the two venues.

The overall design goal was to defy the standard conference experience while shaping up inspiring and electrifying ways of experiencing our brand. The main objective was to enable conversational and personal connections, and most of all, to let the customer shine. In opposition to a standard conference experience, attendees had the feeling of attending an art exhibition, where customers were framed as the art pieces.

The events took place in iconic galleries as the San Francisco MoMa and at the London Stables Gallery. The layout was designed intentionally not to have a main large stage to host the whole events but to deeply leverage the beauty of the galleries spaces, without over-branding the space. The result was an organic environment with several smaller presentation and conversation spaces for attendees to explore and interact with.

San Francisco event production agency: Wilson Dow

London event production agency: Brandfuel

Renders: Brandfuel team

A blend of art, copy, video, and design.

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