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Flipping through my notebook

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Flipping through my notebook messy idea web design notebook sketchbook process progress wip sketch wireframe draw

Finished up a notebook last week so I wrote a piece on Two in Fifty Two about my messy notebook and how it collects all my thoughts while continuously nudging me in the right direction. I always find it interesting seeing how other people work and often find the most value in the chaotic, messy sketches people tend to hide away. So... ta-da, here's mine in all its shameless, chaotic glory.

You can read the post and see the full video here :)


Two in Fifty Two is 104 stories of life and design over 52 weeks from two separate designers. @Timothy Excell used to be a high school teacher and is diving into a new career in design and @Kylie Timpani as been working as a designer for around five years. A new post from both Timothy and Kylie each week. Rain, hail or shine.

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