What's up, fellas;) Excited to present to you the animation for the architecture website called VSIMDIM. It's the Ukrainian startup that makes mobile houses for people who lost their homes due to the war in Ukraine. 

Shout out to our incredible designer who created the website concept. 

This is one of those cases when just as I got the design in static, I immediately was inspired and had the vision of how it should be. 

I really liked the solution with those weirdly shaped illustrations, which later became the main feature - the appearance of photos and cards through the phased morphing of their frames. 

Also, in one of the sections, I depicted the effect of pseudo-3D animation of the housing scheme. One of the main things that stand out is that there is no standard top-to-bottom scrolling on the page. The page "folds", everything seems to happen as if on one screen. Worked in 'After Effects'.

Press ❤, leave a comment and stay tuned for more.

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Posted on Aug 25, 2022

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