Kevin Burr

Mountain View Fellowship

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Mountain View Fellowship mountain logo church letter icon cross nashville colorado

New logo for Mountain View Fellowship located in Bennett, Colorado.

Mountains and hills are mentioned over 500 times in the Bible. Mountains have a logical religious symbolism for biblical cultures since they are “closer to God”. God often reveals himself on the mountaintop. In this logo, a unique mountain shape merged with the letter ‘M’ has been created. The final logo embodies a sense of sturdiness with a strong presence. This was important as Mountain View’s main target demographic are men.

The warm colors were chosen to evoke a warm and welcoming environment where everyone feels loved and to also appeal to the women and children of the church. These colors are also a slight nod to nature and the town the church resides in. An icon set was also created to reinforce their vision of “Up, In and Out”. We felt it was important to include the word in each icon as the concepts are fairly broad and one bit of imagery wasn’t enough to effectively convey each message.

Thanks for looking. Another successful project and happy client. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and were so much fun to collaborate with.

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