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Hey-hey 🤗 What’s new? Are you ready to meet our new design for a Stream Shopping Service? 🛒🖥️

The shot demonstrates an influencer 🌟 stream flow. 

✔️A user is on the blogger’s page waiting for their stream to start. 

✔️Then the blogger talks about the advantages of the product, and the user adds this item to the cart.

✔️Later on, you see that the user goes to the cart where they can buy all the selected products.

Salmon color sets accents here. It’s great for social networks, communication, and shopping 🛍️ It is a very bright color that inspires users to act.

Subscribe to your favorite bloggers and follow their recommendations 💖 during stream shopping.

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Check out an article about our Live Stream Shopping App!

Interface by Natasha Shvachka

Motion by Ivan Nesterov

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