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Holla friend ! 👋🏼

This is my new exploration of Giihan, Giihan is a concert event website, you can view concert schedules, buy concert tickets and buy albums from these artists quickly, easily, anytime and anywhere ✨

before, I want to tell you a little why I took this theme.

Background Story

I'm a person who likes kpop, but I've never seen a kpop event spread all over the world with various groups from various agencies. usually only a few groups perform and only in one place such as music bank, inkigayo, Show! Music Core and more.

that's why I made this Giihan, hoping that someday there will be an event like this.


I create a wireframe whose main focus is header text and images so that users are immediately drawn to what I made. do you want to see the results of the wireframe that I made ? let's scroll down ✨

Final View

After the wireframe is ready, the next stage is the Hi-Fi design. I didn't use a particular style for the design this time, but what I highlighted was the image, because that's the focus that I made on this Hi-Fi, with an attractive image it will attract users to see it too. and this is the result of the Hi-Fi design ✨

What do you think? hope you like it! ❤️‍🔥

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