Osadi - Business Planning Software Website Design

Business Planning Software Website Design

Hola guys!

Take a look at a new design about Osadi, a Business Planning Software Website Design. In this exploration, I tried to explore more about the layout positioning and gradient color effect, And UI Snippet (yeah as always🤟)


Wireframing process🤔

In this step, I tried to explore more about layout positioning and information architecture. With a lot of information to be displayed, I try to craft it into a neat, unique, and clean layout

Osadi Business Planning Website Design - Wireframe

Hi-Fi Design🔥

And finally, with some gradient and coloring magic, our designs are ready to be developed.

Full Page Version🤟

Thanks For Scrolling😉

Hope you guys like it! Cheers for checking out. Please share your opinion in the comments section and don’t forget to press “L” if you love it.

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