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Hey! This time, we have prepared something special for you! Meet our Dating App for Dogs 🐕💕

This app lets owners create their dogs’ profiles and find four-legged boyfriends and girlfriends 💘 for their pets. Communication is available here too. Alas, our furry pals can’t use 📱 gadgets, so their owners send messages and talk on their dogs’ behalf.

On the shot, you can see a welcome screen 🖐️ You or your dog can view the offered friends 🐶 The system generates these options based on the selected features. Swipe to the right or tap the 🦴 bone button if you wish to communicate with the dog further. If you don’t find the offered option suitable, swipe to the left or tap the pooping dog button

If you like 👍 a dog and they like your pet in return, the app notifies you that both dogs can chat now (with your help, of course :)). 

Now, you see the screen where you can exchange messages 💌 with the owners of your pet’s friends.

Purple 💜 and orange 🧡 are the accent colors in this app. Dark purple creates a perfect contrast with a light background. At the same time, it is bright and rich, just like orange. Such a color combination reflects the app’s playful and unconventional spirit 😉

Most dogs are very picky when they choose their pals. A harmless encounter in the street may turn into a fight. A friendly sniff under the tail or an attempt to pat 🐾 on the back can irritate some dogs. Nevertheless, our pets need companions, and this app helps you find some based on your dog’s preferences.

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Interface by Anna Halyavina

Motion by Alexandr Logunov

Purrweb UI/UX Studio
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