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Hey-hey! Are you ready for a new Design Handoff App?✨

Use this app to handover your design 🖌️🎨 to developers 💻. Here developers and you will see only approved screens and components — there is no need to spend time trying to figure out what version is relevant 🤔

🔥On the shot, you can see how the app displays components and styles.

🔥The left part demonstrates how to switch between categories (color styles, text styles, web components, mobile app components, etc.)

🔥The center of the screen shows how styles are displayed. Tap something from the list to see a CSS clue.

We have chosen a dark 🕶️ theme, as most designers prefer dark colors to reduce eye 👁️ strain. Blue 💙 sets accents, but you are not going to see much of this color here — it’s crucial not to distract a developer’s attention from the components they are working with.

It will take you an hour to transfer your Figma library here and make developers happy 🤗

Press 💜 if you like our design and share feedback!

Check out our article to find out how UI development works!

Interface by Daria Lobacheva

Motion by Ivan Nesterov

Purrweb UI/UX Studio
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