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Here's a recent static SSR hybrid web application we built for SPACinformer.com.


SPACinformer is a data analytics platform that provides its users with the latest market insights for all stages of the SPAC (special purpose acquisition company) lifecycle.

We were tasked with building a platform that would allow users to visualise and work with SPAC data online. This meant building an application that on one end would allow admins to upload the SPAC data at market close and on the other allow user to interact with that data in the form of data tables, graphs and calendars.

The challenge

The client was looking for a way to provide users with a way to view, graph, and interact with the data in an easy, fast and straightforward manner. In addition, and to avoid having to enter data twice, all data was to be uploaded as an .xlsx file that was complied at market close.

How did we help?

— We developed the user experience and all flows.

— We designed the platform

— We developed the platform

Designed in:

 — Sketch

Built with:

— Vue.js

— Nuxt.js

— Tailwind CSS


Deployed on:

— Netlify


— Heroku


— HubSpot

Other services:

— MailGun (for transactional emails)


Have a project you’d like to discuss? Shoot us an email at: info@unlimit.design

Data view

Provides users with a full overview of the SPAC universe. User can search, filter, add/remove columns for a customised view, download the full database or a generate a customised view as an excel spreadsheet to work with locally.

Graph view

Provides users with a visual representation of key SPAC metrics. User can choose what metrics to graph on each axis. (x,y and secondary y) and download the resulting graph as a PDF or PNG.

Calendar view

Allows users to track and export key events in a SPACs lifecycle, to view upcoming dates and sync important dates to their calendar.

Individual SPAC profile view

Provides users with a detailed background on each individual SPAC found in the database. Users can view key stats, export events, see where the SPAC is at in its lifiecycle and much more.

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