Bonny John

143 Snorlax - Pokemon One a Day

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143 Snorlax - Pokemon One a Day snorlax pokemon scene storybook illustration cartoon nintendo

Part of a series of 152 illustrations that sought to present the famous character creatures of the Nintendo hit franchise Pokemon in various new styles and direction. Snorlax was the first creature in the series to be given a complete illustration. The entire canvas was used to create a piece that highlighted both the creature of the day and many other Pokemon as details/accessories.

As Snorlax was a favorite of mine, I wanted to go all out and create a full scene to tell a story. This was one of the longest illustrations to complete, and I nearly missed the deadline that was set, as all pieces were to be submitted before 12 AM as part of my personal challenge for the series. Took about 15 hours to complete.

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