Branding & Packaging Design for Pawly 🦴

Are you a cat🐱 person or a dog🐶 person?

Most of us have pets and our love for them pushes us to purchase upscale food, toys, bedding, etc🦴. That’s why when buying something, we judge products by their appearance. If the packaging looks good, the product seems more upscale to us🔝. However, how can we give that premium quality feel and look to the packaging and label designs?🤔

⁃ Make it stand out distinctly by using colours, layouts or images.🎨

⁃ If you are planning to use a pattern, make it clean, neat, and more saturated than the main label😶‍🌫️.

⁃ If you are using vibrant colours, pick the right shades, as there are a considerable number of shades that have negative associations🤯.

⁃ The right image or illustration will only enhance the quality vision of the product.

The vibrant but minimal packages create an upscale and premium quality look as well, so go ahead and create the art of packaging history🍻

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