Modern Life – Is Live! (Webflow Build)

Just pushed live one of my favorite builds I've worked on recently – Modern Life. Life Insurance company with an amazing unusual design full of illustrations, lottie drawn lines and beautiful typography. I worked with amazing team at XXIX and Modern Life to make this happen and was again solely responsible for the code. All obviously build using Webflow. Also! Scroll down for more details 👀

What is Modern Life – A tech-enabled life insurance brokerage empowering advisors with advanced technology and expert support. As a new parent, Modern Life CEO Michael Konialian couldn't believe how complicated it was to obtain life insurance for his family. He set out to reinvent the experience—bringing the best of technology, data, and design to streamline the process.

👉 See the live site –

Designed by – XXIX

Build by – Jan Losert

Posted on Aug 10, 2022
Jan Losert
Webflow Expert + Website/Product Designer

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