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Packaging colours say a lot about the product. For this reason, we have to know how to create packaging that sends the right message and explains a lot without unnecessary explanations.🤐 At the same time, we need an eagle eye for the perfect colour selection. 🦅👁️‍🗨️

Each colour gives the brain 🧠a specific signal that makes us feel something towards the colour’s placement. As we can see in this packaging, the orange colour🔸 gives enthusiasm, joy, and motivation to go on an adventure🚶🏻. For instance, the colour green🟢 also gives energy and a feeling of life. Due to green’s association with money, it additionally gives motivation for work🤑.

Generally speaking, every colour has a special meaning, message, and association with the product. That's why colours should be picked appropriately and carefully.🍀

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