Glume - Healthcare mobile app for diabetics

Glume is a company that provides services for people who have diabetes of any degree. The app aims at giving a better experience and simplifying routine for people suffering from diabetes.

The app helps people get better control over blood glucose levels, count daily glycemic load, remember to take pills and blood measurements on time and, as a result, reduce the impact of diabetes on their health.

During the registration phase, the questions in Glume are formulated in such a way that they allow for analyzing the problems of the user. Then the app generates a series of recommendations, such as what to eat and what to avoid, what sports are recommended, and overall exercise levels.

The application also has an assistant that motivates the user from the system to enter their indicators. Based on the user's responses, the assistant makes recommendations to improve their health.

We are glad that we were able to work on such an exciting app. We hope that the use of the application helps people get better control over blood glucose levels!


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