Zendesk Relate 2022

Customers make the Zendesk world go around. This year, Zendesk Relate revolved around its customers. The concept for the 2022 hybrid event was Customer Expo. It reflected the feeling of attending an exhibition, where customers were framed as the stars of the show. In-person and virtual events celebrated Zendesk customer stories through interactive design and activities.

This event was a giant team effort. Huge kudos to all of these wonderful people from across the Zendesk Design team:

Erin Pinkley, VP Creative

Elyse Kanagaratnam, Executive Creative Director

Larissa Vaz, Creative Director

Freya Dobrindt, Associate Creative Director

Gabbi Sanchez Malona, Associate Creative Director

MacKenzie Covington, Sr. Brand Producer

Genevieve Ng, Lead Copywriter

Natalie Hunter, Copywriter

Giuseppe Cariello, Senior Brand Designer Spaces

Elias Rabeh, Senior Brand Designer

Julia Manzischke, Brand Designer

Gemma Purkiss, Associate Brand Designer

Julie Campbell, Brand Designer Presentations

Adam Menton, Senior Production Designer

Kevin Cline, Senior Principal Video

Victor Duran, Associate Creative Director Video

Beryl Baker, Senior Brand Producer Video

Ariana Blair, Brand Producer Video

Daniel Peterson, Senior Sound Designer

Tori Cincotta, Senior Motion Designer

Colin Thomas, Senior Motion Designer

Monica Yap, Video Editor

Marta Dymek, Brand Imagery Lead

Special thanks to Nick Schoener for the excellent render work.

Posted on Aug 8, 2022

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