NFT Marketplace Mobile App

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Today’s crypto apps and platforms help users buy, sell, and exchange crypto coins and make this process simpler and clearer. We’d like to share our vision of the crypto app that could turn the routine of trading crypto coins into a more involving task.

The home screen displays the list of the most popular NFT items and the list of the top NFT collections. The second screen displays the account balance, the graph that reflects price fluctuations, the sentiment index, and two CTA buttons.

Our designers chose dark grey shades for the background and added light blue and red accents to outline the main stats and UI elements. This color choice doesn’t distract users from observing the screen content.

The well-balanced UI and simple navigation make the data accessible to both newcomers and experienced crypto traders. Trading cryptocurrencies is not an easy task, so we tried to make the interfaces as intuitive as possible.

Ronas IT | UI/UX Team
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