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Last year we had an opportunity to work with Preemo. They wanted to build a platform for teams and make their work way better and more efficient.

You know that pain! Hundreds of notifications, millions of tools, all just to get the job done. Irritating, isn't it? They came up with a solution, a platform that gathers all your tools in one place. The list is a thing. With this, you can create a list based on the tools and topics that you'd like to have an eye on — all in one place, without unnecessary noise. Universal search across all the apps connected to the list helps you find what you need! No more browsing through four different tools to find that one document.

So, what was our role?

We helped them build and launch a landing page and design MVP application views. We've tested several approaches to the list, as we have private and team lists. We've also explored various ways to present the information from the tools in the universal card piece that appears on the list when you need this. It's not over! Once we had all the items ready for the lists, it was time for the dashboard. Well, the dashboard is a place that was supposed to be the start point of the user's workday. New updates and recommendations based on machine learning at your fingertips...


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Posted on Aug 8, 2022
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